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Long ago there was a Holy Temple in Jerusalem....






Physically built by King Solomon, it was originally the living prayer and life's work of his father, King David, the shepherd king who was chosen by G-d to shepherd His people Israel. It was his deepest prayer to build a Temple for His holy Presence to dwell. A place of divine communication, forgiveness and love. This task, however, was not to be for King David, but was given to his son, Solomon.

However, this did not stop King David from personally collecting many of the materials used to build this Temple ~ including its future furnishings, utensils and chambers. The remainder of the materials was supplied by his son, King Solomon, who became king after David, and had the privlege to complete the building work.

After 7 years, it was finally dedicated as a House of prayer and transformation for all who made pilgrimage during the holy festivals.

During this time when the Holy Temple stood, the tribe of Levi was given the job and honor to carry out the Temple services, including the sacrificial services, lighting the lamps, grinding the incense, playing special music, cleaning, and repair work.

The services were divided between the Cohenim and Levi'im, and different clans among them weregiven specific jobs of service, to be carried out with the greatest "Kavanah" ( Divine Intention), and the purest heart.







Among the various works the Levites were given to do was the playing of music upon special instruments of prayer, including harps and lyres, each one made individually for each Levite. David himself had a small harp workshop where many of the harps were made during his lifetime, using Israeli woods. King Solomon completed the work using African woods given to him as a present from the Queen of Sheba.

4,000 Levites sang and played in the orchestra, including their sons and daughters ( Chronicles 23:5, 25:2).





In our generation, no one can be completely sure about how the music was arranged, but the Talmud teaches that on the Pilgrim Festivals of Pesach, Shavuot and Succot, there were so many harps played, that the sound of the harp was heard in Jericho.

When we had to leave the land of Israel and go into exile, we hung those very same harps on the willow trees. "For how can we sing the L-rd's song in a strange land?"... ( Psalm 137).

And the harp of David and the Temple became silent and disappeared into the winds of time...

About 2500 years ago, the Biblical prophets spoke of a time to come when the descendants of these people would return to the land of their ancestors and restore what was lost.

Bringing this vision to life, we are honored to be involved in the building of 4,000 Levitical Harps for use in the next Temple. One by one, with the help of generous good-hearted people, the dream is becoming reality.





Some of the many harps that have been donated to the Temple Institute and put on display




We are inviting congregations, groups and individuals worldwide to sponsor one or more of these Levitical Harps.

Full harp donations are $1,800 for an Elijah's Harp, $3,500 for a Kinnor David and $5,000 for the Atara Nevel. However, any size donation to this project is welcome and appreciated.

The individual Levitical Harp that is built from this contribution, will be created by the House of Harrari team of harpmakers, and upon completion, will be delivered to the Temple Institute in Jerusalem for safekeeping.

There they will be kept in a special room, or on public display, awaiting their true purpose, to bring forth holy music in the Temple, sending this blessing of sound and healing out to the whole world.

Each Levitical Harp will have a special Levitical symbol inside the Harp.

Each Harp will be registered with the name of the sponsoring congregation or individual onto a special Temple scroll, to be presented to the chief Levi in charge of the Temple orchestra when the time comes into its fulfillment.

The sponsoring group or individuals will receive a special certificate, a photo of the Harp and a brass plaque for public display.

"Days are coming...." As we draw closer to the vision of Isaiah, when our time of redemption and the re-dedication of the Holy Temple will actually happen, we want to be ready to welcome all the nations of the world to Jerusalem, to rejoice together in the re-dedicated Temple, truly "A House of Prayer for all Nations".





 “Strumming to the Third Temple”


Sponsor a Harp for the Temple