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Beauty from Ashes - Update

In the past few weeks, starting on a peaceful Sunday afternoon, we were caught unawares in the middle of a raging forest fire, here in the mountains of Judea, the hills that surround Jerusalem. 

after the fire.png
Kinnor dove.jpg
Two tone Israeli rosewood Atara with ros

Kinnor David 10 string Cherry Wood

 Kinnor Eliahu  10 strings  Rosewood      from the Land of Israel

Atara Nevel 22 strings Israeli Rosewood

The House of Harrari builds three unique types of Biblical Playing Harps.  Combining the designs of antiquity with the personal visions and ideas of each client, every harp we create is individually handcrafted to be a true Temple quality instrument.  May they give wings to the new songs within our souls….


"Sing unto God a New Song…" 

(Psalms 96:1) 

temple smaller.jpg

Levite harpists in The Temple

Door Harps in Gallery.jpg

Hand crafted door harps

Israeli rosewood2.jpg

  All the Biblical harps and door harps we build are hand crafted in our small artisan workshop in the hills surrounding Jerusalem by our master craftsmen and women.

  Many of the thousands of commissioned harps we have made and sent around the world since 1984 are truly one of a kind masterpieces of healing and joy.

  We will be happy to plan with you own harp with any of your ideas for artistic additions such as carvings, inlays, scriptures, paintings, the stones of the 12 Tribes of Israel etc.

  You are welcome to phone or email Shoshanna Harrari at:

Phone +972 2 5709075


 Building a harp is like going on a beautiful journey together, and by getting to know the ideas and visions behind it, we can work together towards creating the harp of your dreams.


Micah and Shoshanna Harrari


Micah and Shoshi Eastern Gate 3.jpg

                                                                          "I will sing of The Creator's great love forever"

                                                                                                    King David - Psalms

Jeweled Kinnor 22.jpg
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