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Frequently Asked Questions



What is the order to completion time for the Biblical Harps and Door Harps?


The order to completion time for the Biblical Harps is approximately 3-6 months. 


The order to completion time for the Door Harps is approximately 4-6 weeks.


Do the harps have a guarantee?


The Biblical playing harps are officially guaranteed for 5 years against structural damage or anything pertaining to our work, and after this, we still continue to 'unofficially' be there in case of need of repair or help.  The harp is not guaranteed against negligence or unusual cause of damage (such as taking a shower with your harp (!) or leaving it in the burning sun all day, etc).


What are the payment options for the Biblical Harps?


Online Purchase:

When purchasing a harp through our online store,payment is made in full for the type of harp and wood choice via credit card or PayPal.  Upon receiving your order, we will email you with your order confirmation and to begin the design process should you wish to customize your harp. 


Additional payment for any customization work can be made through credit card, PayPal, personal or bank check, bank transfer. 


Payments for customization work can be made in installments upon arrangement.  Please be aware that payments must be fully completed before the harp can be sent out.  


Off-Line Purchase:

If you wish to pay for your order in installments, please contact us directly.  We request a 50% deposit followed by the final 50% upon completion.  Other deposit and installment options are available by individual arrangement.


We accept payment by credit card, PayPal, personal or bank check, bank transfer. 


Please be aware that payments must be fully completed before the harp can be sent out.  


Do I need to pay taxes on my Biblical Harp?


If the harp is shipped outside of Israel, you do not need to pay the 17% Israeli VAT (Value Added Tax).  (Please note that our shipping fee will always be less than the cost of the VAT).  


If the harp is shipped within Israel or if you choose to pick up your harp from our harp shop, you must pay the 17% Israeli VAT whether or not the harp stays in Israel. 


If the harp is delivered to the US, there is no tax or duty upon arrival; it is just delivered to your home.  However, please be aware that some countries do charge their own taxes for incoming products.  Please check with your local tax authority to determine the value of the tax you will be charged upon arrival in your country.  


What are the shipping options?


All shipments of our Biblical Harps, Door Harps, CD’s and Books are insured and guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition from our home to yours.


Our Harps and Door Harps are shipped worldwide via EMS (Express Mail Services), a service that we have used and trusted for many years.  Packages usually arrive in 7-10 days. 


The prices are as follows:


  1. Atara Nevel Harp: $350

  2. Kinnor David: $320

  3. Elijah’s Harp: $320

  4. Door Harps: $50


Books and CDs can be shipped either via EMS (arrives in 7-10 days) or Registered Surface Mail (arrives in 10-15 days).  


Do you provide teaching materials?


Yes.  Included with all of our Biblical harps are a harp instruction manual.


The secret of playing our harps ‘well’, however, is to keep in mind that it is a prayer instrument.  You will learn to play it best by being free with it and letting the Ruach HaKodesh be your true teacher…Like King David did long ago!  The sweetest songs come from a pure heart.


Playing with the Hebrew letters is also very easy.  If you request them carved into your harp, then you have them right there as you are playing.  You just need to play the corresponding notes that go with the letters.


We have people from age 4 till 96 who have bought our harps, and all (including the children) have played them beautifully and with joy.  So I know you will, too!

We have many professional harp players who buy our harps and love them.  


So the harps are both professional and yet easy to play.  The best of all worlds...


Do you accept visitors and tour groups?


We are happy to welcome visitors from near and far here at the Harp Shop and gallery in Ramat Raziel.  Please Contact Us to arrange a time for you or your group.  Many people tell us that their visit was the highlight of their trip to Israel!  


Driving Directions:


From Jerusalem:


Take Sde Hertzel past the military cemetery and going towards Ein Kerem.  Go through the village of Ein Kerem all the way to the bottom of the hill.  Here you will come to a circle.


At the circle, go towards 395 Mevesseret Zion.  Follow this road for 5 minutes.  You will come to another circle.  As you go around the circle, follow the sign for the 395 in the direction of Bet Shemesh.  The road sign will say Kibbutz Tzuba (Zova) and Eitanim Hospital, and after 1 minute you will see another road sign with Ramat Raziel.   


After another 5 minutes, you will see the entrance to the moshav of Ramat Raziel on your left.  Just before the entrance to the moshav, you will see a small road on the right ~ turn right here!    


Follow this side road almost to the end.  Most of the buildings you will pass are former chicken coops, so you will not see much until you come to our place. 


When you get to the harp shop, you will see a white building with a car or two parked in front, and on the wall there is a small sign that says House of Harrari.  The entrance has a wooden arch with bougainvillea and jasmine flowers around it and there is a big red rose bush right next to it.  


If there is any problem or you get lost call us at (02) 570 9075.


From Tel Aviv:


From the Tel Aviv highway #1, get off the highway at Bet Shemesh.  Go straight towards Beit Shemesh, but after about 2 – 3 minutes look for Moshav Eshtaol.  Directly across from Moshav Eshtaol, you will see a road on your left that says 395, Ramat Raziel.  Turn left here.


Go up the mountain road (it is very beautiful!) and follow the signs towards Jerusalem.  You will come to a circle.  Even though there is a sign that says Ramat Raziel to the right, DON’T turn here.  Go straight through the circle another 500 meters or so.


You will see a white gate into the moshav on your right.  Directly across from the white gate is a small road on the left.  Turn left here and then turn immediately right where it splits.  As you drive along this road, you will see some empty buildings.  We are about three to four buildings down on the left.


All the others are empty, but our harp shop is filled with flowers, pomegranate trees and a big rose bush by the wooden entrance gate.  There is a small sign that says harp shop, though it might be hidden now by the foliage!


There will be a few cars.  Park here and come on in...


If there is any problem or you get lost call us at (02) 570 9075.


Public Transportation:

183 Superbus (leaves from Jerusalem).


Taxi Service:

We recommend Mevasseret Taxi Company 02-570-2221

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