In this Page we collected many of the Press articles and videos done about the Harrari''s work over the years.

The latest article from Breaking Israel News dated August 21  2018 (English)

Davids Harp Heralding Third Temple

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Return of David’s Harp-1.jpg

An article from Jerusalem Post dated November 23  1984 (English)

An article from (?) dated September 24  1986 (English)

An article from Art And Judaica Magazine dated September 30  1987 (English)

Shoshana Harrari introduces the Biblical Harp

An article from Hazofe  newspaper dated Jan 1th, 1990 (Hebrew)

An article from Israel Magasin dated May 13th, 1994 (Danish)

An article from Newsletter of the International Cristian Embassy dated Sep  1998 (English)

Micah & Shoshana Harrari talking about their Harps

An article from The Cristian Observer dated November 2004 (English)

An article from The Mishpacha  Magazine dated Aug 3th, 2006 (Hebrew)

An article written by Shoshana Harrari for Olam Magazine  dated April 30  2007 (English)

The story of The Temple Institute Harp

An article from Mariv newspaper dated April 30  2007 (Hebrew)

An article from The Mishpacha  Magazine dated Oct 10th, 2008 (English)

Interview with Shoshana and a view of the Harrari's workshop

An article from Haaretz newspaper dated September 28  2008 (Hebrew)

An article from The Jewish Press  Magazine dated October 7th, 2014 (English)

An article from The David's Star  Magazine dated AUG 3th, 2014 (English)

Shelli Baker plays "Heveno Shalom Alechem" on Harrari Harp.

An article from Israel National News dated Jul 24th  2008 (English)

An article from The Mount Zion Reporter (English)

An article in Norwegian

An article in Japanese

An article in Dutch

An article in German