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Israeli Rosewood, Menorah Circlet (Templ

The Kinnor Eliahu made from Israeli Rosewood with Menorah Circlet 

"The sound of the harp joins heaven and earth"

"Sing praises to Him on a harp of ten strings"(Psalms 33:2)


The Kinnor Elijah, named after the beloved prophet, bridges the spiritual instruments of the past with the redemptive songs of the future.  This Kinnor gives a warm invitation to the musician to play in all occasions, whether at home, in nature, musical performances, or the recording studio. It is easy to play, with a strong, beautiful tone and resonance. 



Custom-Made Treasures


Bringing your vision into reality…

In the harp creation process, the first step is selecting your choice of wood.  (See our  Wood Collection).  Should you wish to customize your harp, we will be happy to work with you to incorporate any of your designs or dreams into your harp, please preview our price menu for ideas. To consult with us, please Contact Us.


Customization Options Include:


  • Hand-Carvings 

  • Metalwork

  • Stone Inlay


All of our customization work is done by hand by master craftspeople who are highly experienced in creating beautiful art in a musical instrument.


We work with the highest quality materials, including gold, silver, brass, precious and semi-precious gemstones, mother-of-pearl, and more.   





All of our exquisite carvings of beautiful images, circlets, Scripture Verses, and other designs are done by hand by our master carver, Yeffim Levine.

Stone Inlay


Included with the Kinnor Elijah are two Eilat stones, the national stone of Israel, inlaid into the horizontal pillar.  Other precious or semi-precious stones are available upon request.



Hand-crafted metalwork in gold, silver, or brass incorporates powerful symbols, Biblical scripture, or personalized text.  


Magen David (Star of David), Pomegranates, & Olive Branche

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