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All of the harps we create are based on research of the information about the harp of Israel

that is known from the Bible, Talmudic writings, and archeological findings, especially those connected with the times of King David and both Temples. 


Created in the Holy Land and infused with Ruach Hakodesh, these harps are more than lovely instruments; they are heirlooms of prayer.  Built with the intention to be spiritual vessels, they inspire the musician to join heaven and earth. 


Built in a small workshop in the Jerusalem forest, our harps are individually handmade using the finest of musical hardwoods from Israel and around the world.  

While you can order our Harps online, We encourage you to contact us first.

If you have any interest in purchasing a Harp, or have any questions concerning a Harp, please contact us so we can work together to create your own personal Biblical Harp.

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