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Micah and Shoshanna playing in front of the Eastern Gate , Jerusalem

Starting with the Atara Nevel in 1984, followed a few years later with the Kinnor David, and more recently introducing the Kinnor Elijah, Micah and his team of harpmakers have made every effort to restore the Harp of David to its rightful place.

All of the harps we create at the House of Harrari are based on research about the Harps of ancient Israel from the Bible, the Gemara (Talmudic writings), and archeological findings, especially those from the times of King David and both Temples.  


We are the first harpmakers, perhaps in thousands of years, to be following in the traditions of our ancestors to produce harps that are worthy of service in the Temple.  So, we have a great privilege and responsibility in providing the highest quality Biblical harps available.  


Every one of these beautiful harps is built by hand in the village of Ramat Raziel in our workshop, found in the heart of the Kiddushim mountain forest that surrounds Jerusalem.  

Our custom-made treasures range from the most simply pure and unadorned harps to those with intricate and personalized artistic designs, all done with the highest quality materials (including gold, silver, gemstones, and more).  Detailed hand-carvings and paintings are our specialty! 


We produce our harps from the finest of musical hardwoods in the world, including native Israeli Olive, Cypress and many more. In the times of the Temple, the ships of King Solomon brought exotic and exceptional woods from around the world.  We follow in these ancient traditions by incorporating these varieties in our choices to our customers. 


In addition to restoring the Biblical harp, we also build unique Door Harps and offer our CD’s of beautiful harp music.

Micah Harrari

Secrets of David's Harp - Interview with the Harraris

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