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Door Harp



We offer our beautiful King David Door Harp built in the shape of the

Kinnor David as the perfect gift to bring the sounds of Jerusalem to your home.

Every Door Harp we build is individually hand-made to be a

treasured gift of music and joy from Jerusalem.

Our Door Harps are beautiful just as they are, plain and simple.  

However, we also offer several customization options to choose from.


Customization Options Include:


  • Metalwork & Mountings

  • Hand-Paintings

  • Hand-Carvings

  • Calligraphy


All of our customization work is done by master craftspeople who are highly experienced in creating beautiful art in a musical instrument.  All customization work is additionally priced.  

Plain & Simple 

Brass Silver or Gold Decorations

Hand Paintings

Hand Carvings


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