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Thanks & Blessings!

Singer and songwriters Glen Campbell & Alice Cooper playing a duet on their Nevel and Kinnor.

Atara Nevel Harp

Dear Shoshanna, Yona and all who were involved in the making of Sarah's harp,

We have finally received the harp at our home and I really don't know how to express my admiration for the supreme quality of this instrument. Human beings are capable of the most terrible atrocities, but also of the most sublime beauty and goodness. The harp is absolutely an example of the latter. Everything about it is just wonderful: the build quality (handmade, to boot), the beautiful rose decorations, the calligraphy of the quotation from Shir HaShirim, the expertly designed tuning mechanism, etc.. Absolutely stunning!!

8 Atara Gallery - Rose painting (1).JPG

And a quick play of the strings, even though slightly out of tune due to the long distance travelled, reveals the fantastic tonal quality of the instrument. This will be a true joy to play. (Incidentally, many thanks for the booklet, which will start Sarah off on her long musical journey with this new friend she has now made.) I would especially like to praise the usefulness of the sharping mechanism. It's so simple, but very effective (and it really does sharpen the pitch by exactly a semitone, too).

Let me compliment you as well on the quality of your website. This is very clear and easy to navigate and has just about all the info you need to decide which instrument you might like to invest in.

Finally, I've read through the Instruction Booklet you supplied, which is extremely handy.

Anyway, it's clear that Hashem has massively blessed you all with an incredible gift for making such supremely beautiful instruments, which will make a positive difference to so many lives: those who buy them, and those who listen to the music played on them. May He continue to bless you greatly in His service and may Harrari Harps go from strength to strength, contributing as you are to Tikkun Olam. Yasher Koach to you all!!

With love, very best wishes and immense gratitude,


“Hello Shoshanna,

I received my harp today and just seeing "ISRAEL" made me
jump for joy!  I was so touched when I saw my harp that it brought me to tears!  You can't imagine the happiness I felt.  Thank you all so much, the harp is so, so BEAUTIFUL and the sound quality is HEAVENLY!  I also appreciate the well constructed bag it came in.  I'm very happy!  Blessings to you all”
J.A.W. USA, September 6, 2013

“My Atara Nevel Harp becomes more dear to me every day.  I'm so grateful to you for making these wonderful instruments, and so happy that I purchased one before leaving Israel.”
A.F, Oklahoma USA

Kinnor David 

Israeli Cypress Wood (Logo Lion, Olive B

Dear Micah, Shoshanna, Nissim's, Yeffim, Zohar, Shira, Yona,

How do I begin to express in words from my heart how blessed  I am to own such a treasure as this exquisite, stunning Kinnor David. To God be all glory and praises. It is everything I wanted and hoped for and even more beautiful than I thought possible. I adore everything about it. The wood itself is God's  creation but the  shape and carvings and all of the workmanship was done by craftsman with gifts of wisdom and knowledge just like those who God chose to make the implements for the tabernacle and the first and 

second temple.The journey ended less than an hour ago at my doorstep in perfect condition. The box was very secure an nothing damaged. Great job to who ever packaged it!I also want to thank you for your cd Shoshanna. Can't wait to listen to it. Also,I love and am so thankful for the harp prayers , the Certificate  of Authenticity and receipt.Now I will be looking for the perfect place for it to be displayed in my house. And the instruction booklet will be very helpful as I learn to play. Of course I want to discover what my personal song is that is locked up inside of me so it can come out and praise God.In the next couple weeks you will be receiving a small package with a card and small gift from my birth place which is Texas but until then good bye until next time.

Give my love and shalom to the team,


“Hi, Shoshanna, Micah, Yona,

Just wanted to let you know, your careful packaging ensured that the Kinnor has arrived in fine condition, and it’s perfect, all we were hoping it would be, and then some.  Your craftsmanship and care in building and preparing it is obvious and truly extraordinary!!!  

We’re thankful also for getting to know you through this process and hope our paths will cross again.  Our travel in Israel last March was a wonderful, life changing experience, and getting to know you and see your work was a highlight.

Many blessings and thanks to you all”
B.&R.S, Oklahoma USA, January 23, 2015


“Dearest Micah and Shoshanna,

A true blessing arrived yesterday afternoon - my long awaited beautiful Kinnor David, my very own harp for worship and joy!!!  It is truly a work of art that I will cherish for the rest of my life.  Thank you for making this happen as G-d directed this to be.”
C. E, Canada

Kinnor Elijah

Dear Shoshanna,

I went to the post office first thing this morning and picked up the package.   

I unpacked it all carefully.  I like the practical case.  The Harp instrument is GORGEOUS! and I like it's delicate tune.  I will make a special delivery to Betty with her vial of oil.  I plan on putting the extra strings in my environmental safety box at home.

Thank you so much for the excellent workmanship... Way to Go!!!!!

To Micah and the team, "Thank you" and many Blessings to come back to you in all that you do. 

Much Love and musical Shalom

 J.R. November 24, 2014

Mahogany Wood, Circlet (Magen David).jpg

 “In 2010 I purchased an Elijah Harp and absolutely love playing it with my prayers and for musical meditations.  This year I'll be commencing some study in therapeutic music using the harp…Your harps are absolutely beautiful and are a joy to play, especially with their spiritual significance.  May you have a blessed and beautiful day and look forward to staying in touch.”

L.W, Queensland, Australia,

March 9, 2015

Shalom Shoshanna and Shira,

We are pleased to let you know that the Kinnor Elijah you made for us has arrived today in excellent condition. Thank you for all the careful work that has been put into it's construction. It is a wonderful instrument, and will be cherished for generations to come.


Thank you and every blessing,


“Dear House of Harrari:

I do not have a preference for the type of wood you use for the Elijah harp. Please choose whichever wood you feel would be best. My only desire is to sponsor a harp for the Temple and I consider it a great honor to be allowed to contribute to the Temple project.

Thank you for your kind offer of sending a photo once the harp is finished. I am praying for the peace of Jerusalem and the future rebuilding of the Temple.

May you be richly blessed and highly favored,


Much love and greetings, Shoshanna, Micah and all!!
Thank you so much for the great pictures of the donated harp and the sweet and kind letter!!  What excitement to be able to donate this harp on behalf of an amazing people of the Book!!  With the continuous threats and hate that comes from every corner of the earth and especially the countries surrounding Israel, it is a joy to stand strongly and faithfully with Israel and the Jewish people who G-d brought back from every part of the world to be the Nation He foretold would come into being once again!
Carol & Norma

Door Harps

 Shalom House of Harrari Harps:


We were just honored and privileged to receive the beautiful King David Door harp crafted and created half way around the globe in a Holy land by Godly descendants of Abraham through whom all nations of the earth will be blessed.


Thank you for your fine workmanship. I feel we now have a deeper connection with you and the House of Harrari during this process.


God’s Blessings to you all…




 So my parents received the harp and they were very thrilled upon seeing it....they also love the sound it makes. It truly is a beautiful harp and we all cant stop admiring it. I also noticed a small branch taped on to the wrapping ... it is a cute lil fella indeed :) I thank you and all working at the The House of Harrari for making these wonderful harps.

 Nothing but blessings to you and all the Harrari staff,
 Carlos (April 5, 2016)

Shalom to all of you at Harrari Harps : )


Just wanted you to know that the door harp arrived on

Monday morning safe and sound!  YAY! It’s GORGEOUS!!!!!

The menorah carving is exquisite and we both kind of went speechless for a few made us long to be back in Israel again.

Please convey our gratitude to whomever carved and created the entire door harp.

It truly made me smile!


Blessings over you all,

Valerie & Scott

Books & CDs

“Dear Shoshanna,

Your information you provide is so lighthearted and innovative. Also, to many a modern kitchen your cook book is an asset...There are many women raised on fifties- nineties cooking that are missing the know-how to embrace the teachings of Wigmore, Price and all sorts of wonderful teachers you chose to quote in your 2009 published jewel, The Garden of Spices.  

Recently I have been chosen to guide some women who are interested in sharing healthy recipes.  I was wondering if as I begin to teach appreciation for Israeli cuisine I could make use of some of your recipes that are so unique yet tie in understandings. Particular understandings of how traditional hummus can be reproduced healthier and roasted peppers that we find at our local falafel stand.  I want women to explore spices, something you marvelously produced in your unbeatable 2009 print of The Garden of Spices.  

Please allow me to share the enthusiasm that I have gained from reading your writings and let me introduce some simply brilliant miracles of love and enthusiasm you've landed into print.  I will surely share the book's cover and insist that they add it to their libraries.  Thank you for helping me personally with my husband loving my ever growing enthusiasm for making a healthy meal plan. So did my fetus this weekend in its seventh plus month.  Hope that you will give a green light to sharing just a handful of your two-hundred plus gem recipes.  Would love for your breeze of fresh air of a compilation become something lifelike in their cookbook collection with this one standing out in their hearts as the best. 


Your great fan,
Rachel (December 19, 2015)

Books & CD's 5 - Garden of Spices.jpg
Bc 1.jpg


Hi Shoshanna,

 The order came yesterday and couldn't wait to play them.  The music you play is absolutely beautiful - filled with the peace of God. It is a privilege to listen such heavenly music. Thank you for being God's instrument of his music. What a gracious touch to wrap them with an enclosed note to me - like you were sending a present to me. I felt as though I was receiving a present from you. May more and more people around the world know of the heavenly music you play and may they be touched by God through it.


Blessings of His love,

Dear Shoshanna,

I just got home from Florida last night and I found the CD in my mail. Thank you very much, I love it. I just wanted to tell you that I heard of you from a friend of yours. He always had one of your CD's playing and I told him, I have to get this beautiful music. It is so very annointed. Thank you again and GOD bless you richly.

Books & CD's 1 - Tefilat Haderech cover.

"It has been several weeks since I received the information you sent. Thank you for the brochure,  the photos, and the CD's. I have listened to the music more than a dozen times.

The stories you shared about the biblical history of the harp, as well as your own experience touched me deeply. I was caught by surprise. I had inquired about a musical instrument, and the response from you was a spiritual experience - and the experience has continued."

Books & CD's 2 - In the Garden of the Ki

"My son is only 2 years old. He is very musical....

My wife and I have been thinking of introducing him to the harp. Of course, he is too young. Maybe in a couple of years he will be ready.

As Jews, we would rather him learn something authentic to our people."

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