Micah & Shoshanna Harrari 

Co-Founder and head craftsman of the House of Harrari, Micah originally trained in the building and repair of stringed instruments (violin, guitar, mandolin, etc.) in California.  He began making the first harp for his wife, Shoshanna, using this mastery together with what they found in archeological evidence, Talmudic information, and what’s written in the Bible concerning the harp.  He loves working with wood and using his discerning eye to ensure that every harp created here has been crafted to ‘Temple quality’ perfection.  An excellent photographer as well, his photographs are the lens that capture the beauty of the harps for the world to see.  

Together with Micah, Shoshanna helps guide the creation of the harps from beginning to end, consulting daily with an international client base every step of the way, bringing the vision for their harp into reality.  Shoshanna also plays and demonstrates the harp to visitors and tells the story of the return of David’s harp to the world. 

Shoshanna can be heard playing the harp on several musical productions of her own and of others.  She is also a natural health educator and author, guiding people to a natural path of healing. 


An expert craftsman with a fine eye for detail, Nissim has been part of our harp team for over twenty-five years.  Born in Jerusalem in the times of Israel’s independence, he traveled the world for many years.  In the early 90’s, he returned to Israel and came to join with us in handcrafting one-of-a-kind Biblical harps. 

Yeffim is a master wood carver, perfecting his art since the age of twelve.  Born in Russia in the town of Daugavpils, he made aliyah with his family to Israel in the early 90’s and began working with Micah and the House of Harrari harp team in 1991.  His intricate carvings and other artistic designs bring to fruition the dreams and visions of our customers that become masterfully incorporated into their harps.





Born, raised, and residing in Ramat Raziel now with her own family, Zohar has been carrying on the tradition of creating our hand-made Door Harps for over ten years.  She also contributes intricate, personalized hand-paintings as one of our beautiful customization options for all of our harps. 


The newest arrival in the Harrari Harps family is Shlomo, who is our master Door Harp maker. Shlomo turns each Door Harp into a piece of musical art.   



Sara is another cherished member of our artistic family.  She lends her creative talents in painting, mosaic, and design to many of our harps and other projects.  Together with Shoshanna and Yona, she is also part of L'Aylah, a women's musical quartet playing for brides, baby-naming ceremonies, and other special celebrations.  

House of Harrari Jerusalem