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Beauty from Ashes

In the past few weeks, starting on a peaceful Sunday afternoon, we were caught unawares in the middle of a raging forest fire, here in the mountains of Judea, the hills that surround Jerusalem. 

Besides of harp shop, this fire has destroyed over 6000 acres of a special forest called the Yair Kedoshim, ( Forest of the Holy Ones). In 1950, this forest was originally planted with 6 million trees, each one in memory of one holy soul who died in the Holocaust.

Over these past 70 years the trees have multiplied and spread out into a magnificent place of peace as well as a haven for deer and migrating birds.
The fire was so intense it was still burning for many days, and unfortunately as many people might have heard, our beautiful jewel of a harp workshop and gallery was caught in the middle of it. 

Jerusalem Post article about what happened to the King David Harp shop from the fire

So tragic, everything was burned completely.  However, with hope in our hearts we are now in a process of picking up the pieces and starting a re-building project to restore our beautiful harp shop that has been a blessing to so many people over these 40 years. 

To make a contribution to our rebuilding project, follow the link below: 

PayBox - Bit ( 972-0523436027

Or contact us directly at


As many of you know, the harps we build are built according to the specifications of what is written in the Bible, archeology and the information of the Talmud.  When we first started to build them, they were declared to be the first Biblical harps to be made in 2000 years.  They are the national instrument and one of the powerful symbols of Israel.


Sadly, what was destroyed was our beautiful jewel of our harp workshop and gallery.  For many of you who have been there over these past 39 years, this was a tragedy of great proportions.

At the time of the fire, there were close to 30 harps in one form or another, some completed, some under construction and many orders on file to be built.
When we think of it, it is truly heartbreaking.


Video interview with Micah and Shoshanna Harrari filmed by Yaakov Lepon 

Many people asked, but sadly none of the harps were able to be saved, except my own personal one, because it was home and not with the others, but I imagine that as they went up in flames for their last songs, that they were playing melodies of peace and healing that went out to all the nations and peoples of the world that are also suffering these days in their own ways.

So these harps were a kind of corban, a sacrifice, and I hope that in their last moments, they brought a great blessing in their own way, as they left the world for Gan Eden to join the heavenly harp orchestra of the angels.


Here is a photo of how the harp shop used to look: 
Perhaps some of the members of your organization or friends even visited here in the past as we had many tours with groups come to visit us over the years. 
This picture is from 2016.

the harp shop 2016

And here is how it looked after the fire:

after the fire.png

SHOSHANNA AND MICHAH Harrari look at their burned down factory that manufactures handmade King David Biblical Harps, in Moshav Ramat Raziel, on Wednesday. (photo credit: YONATAN SINDEL/FLASH90)

However, we do not believe that things happen without a reason.  
From our perspective now, we feel that the Creator was needing a better harp shop, one that is also a cultural, educational heritage center as well as a place to build these beautiful instruments of prayer and blessing.

That no matter how beautiful it was before, and how its memories still bring much joy to those who were able to visit us in the past, the new workshop must be something even more special.

It is said in the prophets, that at a certain time, all the nations will come to Jerusalem as holy pilgrims to rejoice and pray at the time of Succot, the Feast of Tabernacles.

Our harp shop is located exactly on the way to Jerusalem, and perhaps it will now rise up to be a place along to way, a place to learn of the past as well as the future, and how intricately intertwined the harp of David is with the destiny of Israel, the destiny of the nations of the world.

In our traditions it is said that there is one more song of redemption that must be sung, and this one the whole world will sing together.
It is called the Shir Hadash, the New Song.


Shoshi & Micah - Gate of Meshiach.jpg

And the harp of David is needed to be there for this song to be sung.  
It holds within itself this special melody that has not yet been heard by any ear.
That is why the harp of David cannot be silenced.  
We hope this is just a pause in the music...

We hope you will pray with us that this will happen soon.
Right now we are beginning a re-building- renewal project, and we need your help.

Everything we used to make the harps has literally been reduced to ashes.  We will need  to rebuild the structure of the building, tools, machines, worktables, etc.  Any contribution in any form is gratefully received. 

For those who we have known for many years, we have valued your friendship for so many years, and it means so much to us to know there are people in the world like you. 


To make a contribution to our rebuilding project, follow the link below: 

PayBox - Bit ( 972-0523436027

Or contact us directly at

May you all be blessed in all the years to come for your kindness, love and support.
And may we all be privileged to rejoice in the good future that is promised to all of us...

With Love and Blessings,

Shoshanna and Micah Harrari

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