“Blessed are You, G-d, our Lord, king of the universe, who has this in His world"

(Traditional blessing upon seeing a beautiful creation, B. Brachot 58b)

All of the woods we use to build our harps are in their authentic color, just as they are found in nature.  We do not stain, bleach or dye any of the woods we use to build our harps.  Who can improve on the beautiful color of natural wood that G-d created? 


We choose our woods first for their sound quality and secondly for their visual beauty.  Therefore the sound quality of all of our harps is among the most excellent in the world. 


While all of these woods have the finest resonance and clarity, there are minute differences in the musical character of each one.  We have noted these nuances so that people for whom this is important can choose what they feel would be best for them.



Every family of trees varies in its own spectrum of shades (depending on nutrients in the specific earth they are grown in, etc.).  Let us know if you have a preference, even among certain woods, for a lighter or darker shade.  If it is available, we will use the shades of the individual wood that you love best to build your harp.