The Temple Harp Project


Since 1987, we have worked in partnership with the Temple Institute, a non-profit organization located in the Old City of Jerusalem, to build and prepare harps that will be needed for the future times. 


 We call this The Temple Harp Project.

We are inviting individuals, 

congregations and groups worldwide to be

a part of this prophetic project.



Any size donation to this project is welcome and applied to the building of a Temple Harp.  

Donation in any amount


Monthly Donation  


Donate an Elijah's Harp  $3000


Donate an Atara Nevel  $4000


Donate a Kinnor David $4000

"Returning Home"  the story of the Temple Harp Project.

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In these past 35 years, due to the generous contributions and donations of many good hearted people all over the world, harps have been continued to be built in our workshop for this purpose.  When they are completed, they are taken to the Temple Institute, where they are kept on display in the Temple Treasures Museum in the Old City of Jerusalem.


Over the years, many people have asked how they can also be part of this project, and so we are now opening this invitation up to a larger audience ~ by being a sponsor for the building of one or more of these harps.


If you would like to partner with us in this prophetic work, we welcome you to join us.


The harp that we build from your contributions will be presented to the Temple Institute of Jerusalem for dedication and safekeeping. There they are on public display in the museum awaiting their true purpose ~ to bring forth holy music in the Temple, and send a heavenly blessing of sound and healing to all the peoples of the world…



 Each donor will personally receives a certificate of donation and their name will be entered into a scroll of Lev Shalem.


To Donate please click the box above.


For further information or questions please contact us:


Pictures of some Donated Harps at The Temple Institute

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nwslttr Temple-Harp-nwslttr
Kinnor David Donation
Atara Nevel Donation
Kinnor David Harp Display
Elijah Harp Donation
Harp Donations
Presentation of Kinnor Elijah
Elijah Harp Donation
Temple Replica Harp Base
Temple Harp Donation Parade Arrives
Twin Atara Nevel Harps
Parade in the Rova
Guardians of Israel
Kinnor Elijah & Plaque Presentation
Temple Institute Harp Display
Approving Wood Selection
Elijah Harp Donation
Micah and some of the donated harps

The Music Of The Temple