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Price varies according to Wood Choice.  Please see the Davita Door Harp Gallery for carving and hand-painting images.


  • Our Door Harps are handcrafted to add a special joy to your home by singing a sweet welcome to all who enter within.


    Every Door Harp that we create is beautifully gift-wrapped and carefully packaged to arrive either to your home or directly to your choice of recipient as a very special present from Israel. 


    A small hook is provided on the back of the Door Harp to hang the strings and temporarily pause the music over the course of Shabbat.  After Havdalah, the strings can be unhooked to continue their lovely music the rest of the week…


    We recommend that the Door Harp be hung on the inside of the door for best protection of the wood and so that the sound of the Door Harp will resonate it's sweet sounds through your home.

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