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Price varies according to Wood Choice.  Our standard Kinnor Elijah includes the Magen David (Star of David) carved in the center.


  • As with the Kinnor David, this type of Kinnor was built for and played by the Levites of the Temple and favored by the Prophets.  Together with the Nevel, they were used for Temple service, prayer, prophecy, song, joy, healing, meditation, and spiritual protection. 


    The ten strings of the Kinnor Elijah have the musical range of one and a half octaves.  We recommend tuning the Kinnor Elijah in a Hebraic mode that traces its origin back to ancient Israel.  However, it can be tuned in a variety of scales as you wish.


    The Kinnor Elijah is easily amplified and excellent for performances or recording.  It is easy to play, with a strong, beautiful tone and resonance.

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