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The Kinnor David Carrying Case is especially designed to be comfortable and easy to carry anywhere, including cars, buses, boats, trains and airplanes as well as just walking down the street!


  • Made of waterproof brown canvas, this harp carrying bag is lined inside with a fleece lining (like lamb's wool) for protection and durability to keep your harp safe from the elements of weather and from unexpected damage from falling or being knocked in travel. 


    It has two pockets to hold your tuning key, extra strings, papers and anything else you might want to have handy with your harp.  It also has two straps for carrying the case as the situation calls for when you are traveling, over the shoulder or held in hand like a suitcase.

  • Please note that Shipping & Handling fees for this item are not charged when included with the order of a Biblical Harp. 

    When ordered seperately we will contact you to arrange the $50 Shipping & Handling fee.

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