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Price varies according to Wood Choice. The classic Kinnor David includes raised carvings of the Star of David in the Center and Palm & Olive Branches on the Wings.


  • The Kinnor was a favorite among the kings, prophets, Levi'im, and shepherds.  We offer our Kinnor David to continue in the tradition of the harp-makers of ancient Israel.


    The ten strings of the Kinnor David have the musical range of one and a half octaves.  We recommend tuning the Kinnor David in a Hebraic mode that traces its origin back to ancient Israel.  However, it can be tuned in a variety of scales as you wish.


    The Kinnor David is a masterful musical instrument, easily amplified and excellent for performances or recording.  When placed on its display stand it becomes a magnificent piece of art as well.

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