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How it All Began…

Once upon a time in a small mountain cabin surrounded by beautiful trees and deer, a young couple, Micah and Shoshanna, were experiencing simple life on the land. They grew gardens, drew water from the springs, and enjoyed the quiet and peace of nature.

But one day a seed was planted in Shoshanna’s heart ~ the desire for a harp.

She asked her husband Micah, an instrument maker by profession, to make her the harp of her dreams. He agreed that it was a great idea.

Living in nature in a lovely but primitive way, however, takes up the whole day! From dawn till dusk, there’s always much to do…

As much as they both wanted to see the harp become a reality, this didn’t happen until many years later after making aliyah to Israel in 1982. After traveling through Israel for a year or two, they settled down a little bit on the shores of the Kinneret, near Tiberias. This was where their first harp was made.

Micah and Shoshanna Harrari have been building Biblical Harps in Israel since 1984

Their work was discovered at the infancy of the building process by Helga Dudman, an American journalist living in Israel since the 1930’s. Her article about the Harraris and their connection to the return of the harp of David in the Jerusalem Post Magazine in November of 1984 went out internationally, creating a wellspring of response from people all over the world. The orders began to flow in and the Harraris became “official” harpmakers.

Basing his designs on the information from the Bible, Talmud, and archeological findings, this first harp opened the way for many more to follow, spreading the mystical sounds of David's harp from the streets of Jerusalem to the four corners of the world.


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